Anywhere Gin was established in Portsmouth in November 2017. The launch is as a direct result of the success of our Deck Chair business, launched in 2014.

We are a husband and wife team who through a love of attending a variety of events have been fortunate enough to have been part of these events over the last four years with our Deck Chairs. During this time we were often asked by clients for other products and services. Having done our research, we found the market for props and accessories such as parasols and flags, very crowded. However what we did see time and time again, at almost every event was gin! At weddings, festivals and for corporate clients, we found many were providing gin bars and this is where we had a very lucky break.

At the same time as we were ‘thinking gin’ we happened to find another family run business who were looking to collaborate with us here in sunny Portsmouth! We worked together on the gin and the branding over the summer as it was important to us that the names reflected Portsmouth and its Naval Heritage (Pete having spent some time in the navy!)

Anywhere Gin was born and as a result we have ‘Invincible’ a smooth Portsmouth Dry Gin, ‘Intrepid’ a stunning Rhubarb Gin, and ‘Illustrious’ a refreshing Strawberry Gin.

Our launch in November 2017 consisted of a page on all the usual social media sites, while we worked on the website. As a result we had a stream of enquiries from customers all wanting to try Anywhere Gin. In the short time between the launch on the 02-11-2017 and Christmas 2017 we were lucky to secure six bars in Portsmouth and Southsea plus four retailers in the surrounding area. We were even more pleased when stockists all reported that Anywhere Gin was flying off the shelves.

Now at the start of 2018, we are launching the website for Anywhere Gin. As we look to the year ahead, Gin events with current stockists have been booked, meetings with new stockists have been booked in and we are in the process of setting up mobile bars for weddings and events.

The future is bright, the future is Gin!

Tracy & Pete