Gin Garnishes Part 1

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Gin garnishesDuring the extensive ‘perfect serve’ research for Anywhere Gin, we came across some unusual garnishes which tantalised our taste buds. Alongside the usual lemon and cucumber garnishes we found gin lovers are now experimenting with more unusual ingredients with very pleasant results.

Cinnamon Sticks

This garnish adds a powerful sweet spice to your gin and tonic. Not to be used as a stirrer! Not only will you lose the carbonation, the stick will flake leaving a not so welcome garnish!


A slice of orange gently squeezed over Intrepid our rhubarb gin and served with ginger ale is our personal favourite. The perfect balance of sweetness, citrus and spice makes this a winning combination.


Pomegranate added to gin and tonic is a stunning alternative to the usual festive drinks. The sweetness makes a perfect pairing with rosemary in Invincible our Portsmouth dry gin.

Juniper Berries

Where it all began…..the prefect garnish for any gin and tonic

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