Gin Garnishes Part 4

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Gin Garnishes part 4Since the beginning of our Anywhere Gin adventure and the launch in November 2017, we’ve learnt so much.

From the perfect serve to the range of garnishes and the continuing growth of gin throughout the UK, especially small batch, hand-crafted gins such as our own.

What we have also learnt is that we are all different and what is a perfect combination for one, is not necessarily perfect for another.

Whatever your preference, dont be afraid to try something different. From a dry gin such as invincible, with added chilli to Illustrious our strawberry gin with added frozen peaches. They all give a different take to a good old Gin and tonic.

For me, Intrepid, our rhubarb gin, served with ginger ale over ice and a slice of orange slightly squeezed, will always be a winner!


Rosemary adds a delicious savoury note to dry gin such as our very own Portsmouth dry, Invincible. Also works well with juniper berries.

Frozen Peaches

Another summer in a glass moment! The subtle flavour of peaches as it defrosts in your gin and tonic has the added bonus of keeping your gin and tonic cool at the same time. Perfect with Illustrious, our strawberry gin.


An unusual addition, however tomatoes and basil create a Mediterranean inspired flavour to your gin and tonic. Perfect with invincible, our Portsmouth dry gin.


Adding chilies to your G & T gives it a peppery and spicy kick, but, by bringing out the botanicals such as star anise they create an aromatic gin and tonic which is full of flavour.

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